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What is Compare?

We help you improve your business by tracking, analyzing and comparing fundamental metrics.

Redefining Business Metrics

New Tools for Tracking, Analyzing and Comparing Business Data

Track Metrics

COMPARE provides users a framework of fundamental KPIs to track for their business.

Analyze KPIs

COMPARE uses your business data to calculate and visualize valuable metrics and ratios, helping your to analyze and explore your business operations and health.


Businesses using COMPARE are tracking the same KPIs. That means that the data collected can be COMPARED, scored and discussed.

Flexible + Secure

Secure, Cloud Based, Responsive & Social

Encrypted & Secure

We use a 256-bit encryption to protect the transfer of your data to our site.

Strong Password

We do not share your personal information with unaffiliated third party marketers.

Private & Protected

We do not share your personal information with unaffiliated third party marketers.

Cloud Based

COMPARE is a cloud-based software. Fully backed up and always up-to-date.

Any Device

Responsive and nimble, the COMPARE dashboard works on any device or platform.


Permission and task based multi-user system. Determine who sees what.

Getting Started is Easy

Create an Account, Upload Your Business Metrics and Start the Fun!

Create Account

Create an account.

Upload Metrics

Understand your basic business operations more thoroughly.

Review KPIs

Set goals and track your progress.

Improve with Goalsetting

Improve your business performance.

Join Our Beta Testers

Compare is currently scheduled to begin accepting beta testers in September of 2020. Sign-up today to become one of the first users and receive special features and discounts.

Become a Beta Tester