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Dave Handman

Co-Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Design engineer with a diverse background in: solar PV technologies, civil works projects, conversion technologies for the treatment of MSW, and energy efficiency.

Sustineo was created in mid-2007 to provide engineering services for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green building projects throughout the U.S. market.

Our company is comprised of professional engineers, project managers, and project developers that have designed, inspected, and installed over 1100 renewable energy projects within the U.S market.

Eric Carter

Co-Founder + Chief Financial Officer

Sustineo Corporation is a Design + Build + Operate engineering, procurement, and construction firm specializing in sustainability and renewable energy power projects. Based in San Diego, California, we provide feasibility studies, engineering design, procurement, construction, commissioning, and maintenance services to clients throughout the U.S. market. Our core expertise is solar PV projects for commercial, government, military, and utility scale clients. Our strengths are providing flexible and comprehensive approaches to system designs, with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Tom Becknell

Co-Founder + Chief Information Officer

Mr. Becknell entered the transportation industry in 1997 where he worked with the Fritz Companies, San Diego, CA until 1998 as a Customer Service Representative. He went on to help the Unisys Corporation, San Diego, CA from 1998 – 2006 as the Material Planning Analyst & Order Manager. Coleman College, San Diego, CA hired him in 2006 as an instructor in user experience design (UX) and Systems Analysis. Mr. Becknell remained at Coleman College until 2007 where Miramar Transportation hired him as their Chief Information Officer and Six Sigma Black Belt process engineer. He went on to support Transmark Logistics, Seattle, CA as their Director of Information Systems until August 2016 at which point he formed his own corporation AppliedSense. AppliedSense is designed from the ground up to support organizations that place significant emphasis on strategic growth, strategic IT protection, technological integration and enhancements, and process engineering with the end customer/user in mind.

John Wolfe Compton

Co-Founder + Chief Creative Officer

Mr. Compton has over 20+ years of experience in the multimedia industry, and has held the position of Web Manager  at St. Louis Music, Inc, Senior Producer & Engineer at Tuesday Productions, Creative Director/Co-Founder at Suntouch Design, Senior Designer at and Creative Director at San Diego Union-Tribune, before finally starting John Wolfe Compton a visual marketing, branding & identity agency in January of 2016.